Mt. Hood vibes. Always good to return to PDX.
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nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

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~   Sandra Cisneros (via gardeniatree)

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Sweet Strawberry Cupcakes
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Ysabel Lemay

1. Circa

2. Stillness

3. Ornatus

4. Illuminated II

5. Venus

6. The Transmitter

7. Sanctum

8. Heartbeat

9. Repose

10. Prelude



Yoga lovers follow me!

Last night’s talk….
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You’ve Been Here Before // All This Time It’s You (2013)

Susan O’Malley

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[3/52] Yellow
Here is my take on the color yellow.
This picture is 7 pictures put together:2 pictures for me. Since I was the one holding the remote for the camera shutter, I had to pose myself with the remote in each hand so I could use the ones with the open hand.And 5 pictures for the sheets. I bought this twin flat sheet at a thrift store for $3 specifically for this photograph. It only covered so much space, so I had to position it on one side, flick it in the wind, then repeat on the other side. I then composited those “flicks” together into one big sheet of movement.
A lot of photographs were taken for this, but having my dad as a peanut gallery/watch dog/audience member, I managed to get what I needed and leave within an hour. Not to mention the entire day I waited for this perfect sunset light.
I hope you like this as much as I do.
Free is the bird without a cage.
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"we have this ability to transform the world during our lifetime so that the next generation can thrive and has a head start" - Jason Mraz
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Opaque  by  andbamnan